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Oral Sex
What You need to know about giving her satisfying Oral Sex

  • What You Need To Know
  • Never bite a woman's vagina - ever.
  • Use your tongue and fingers to maximize stimulation.
  • Always have an exit strategy in case you panic down there.


oral_sexWomen often complain about men's ability to perform cunnilingus or, as it's more commonly called, oral sex. There are hundreds of men who write us asking for advice on how to give her oral sex. We can only imagine the millions of others who stand like a possum caught in headlights when it comes to the task. As such, we thought it was time to give readers a more in-depth look into the vagina and the amazing things that guys (and gals) can do to it with their tongues.

The following oral sex techniques are a simple guide to teaching all of you the basics of "eating out."

If you're not much of a vaginal vacuum and are hesitant to try oral sex because of odours or whatever other preconceived notions that you have, ensuring that she has just come out of the shower will ease your tension and you'll be able to let loose orally. There are men who stand their ground and absolutely refuse to perform oral sex; we suggest you get over yourself, because your girl likes to receive oral sex as much as you consider a good blow job a part of foreplay.

Tongue to lips

Any licking, gentle sucking or all-around moisture from the mouth to the vaginal entrance, the labia (lips) or the clitoris will surely make you popular with your flavour of the evening.

When you begin to give her oral sex, it's important to start slowly. Women like it when a man takes the time to appreciate her and her body. What she won't like is an overachiever who jumps right in with an aggressive tongue. Pretend that her entire vagina is an ice-cream cone with three scoops of your favorite flavour; if you don't like ice cream, we're sure you can still appreciate the metaphor. Use your tongue to lick her vagina from its entrance up to the clitoris. Remember to chill out and relax; enjoy yourself and don't get tense.

Move your tongue freely from her inner lips to her outer labia on one side. Once you've done that, draw her lips into your mouth and massage them with your tongue. And since the other side will probably get jealous, move on to the other side afterward.

Oral exploration

Were you aware that the tongue is the body's strongest muscle? Well imagine what you could do with your tongue if you were giving her oral sex. Since you have more control with your tongue than with your penis, the sensations will drive her crazy.

Not only is your tongue naturally lubricated with saliva, you can maneuver it in ways that a penis never could. So why not use your tongue to have sex with her? Thrust your tongue in and out of her vagina, and take a break from time to time to explore her insides.

While you're roaming around down there, vary your cadence and the firmness of your tongue. Use your firm, flexed tongue for pinpoint accuracy, such as when you circle the clitoris, and use a limber, flat tongue to cover more ground.

Remember to continuously return to her clitoris since most women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation -- especially when it comes to oral sex. However, don't apply too much pressure to her clitoris right away because it may irritate her and turn her off. Start out gently and increase pressure and speed according to her body language. 

Above all, have fun down there when you're giving her oral sex, and keep her on her toes (or off as the case may be).

Intense vaginal volume

When you have her as hot as a lioness in heat, the following oral sex techniques are going to drive her wild. Once again, make sure to pay attention to her reactions and body language at all times.

With her clitoris still exposed, give it quick little sucks by enveloping it with your mouth momentarily and releasing it. This will definitely have a positive effect on her entire body.

Next, take her clitoris into your mouth and gently suck on it while you simultaneously flick your tongue over and around it. You can perform this oral technique very lightly or aggressively, depending on what she likes.

If you combine these oral sex techniques with your fingers, she will have a mind-blowing orgasm virtually every time.

Article By David Strovney

I Think I'm Addicted To Sex!

Understanding the Warning Signs of Sexual Addiction

By John Moore

Imagine living in a world where your every thought was consumed with obtaining sex. Imagine, for example, that your drive to have sex with another was so strong that it prevented you from carrying out daily activities, such as going to work, attending to your household chores, paying your bills or attending to other important obligations. In fact, imagine that this compulsion to have sex was so overpowering that it caused you to forsake your family, relationships and perhaps, even your own personal safety.

Does this strike a chord of familiarity with you or someone you know? If so, you are not alone.

The typical behaviors that have just been described are common signs of a person suffering from what is known as sexual addiction. To be sure, it is a problem that is often misunderstood and widely undetected. So how do you really know if you or someone you love may be suffering from this affliction? Consider the following behaviors as possible “red flags”. What follows are some of the more common characteristics of a sex addict, however they are not intended to serve as a complete behavioral list.


  • A constant preoccupation with thoughts of engaging in sexual activity, which often interfere with your ability to function normally.
  • Having anonymous sex with strangers on an ongoing, continual basis.
  • Going into and staying in debt for the purpose of obtaining sex with prostitutes. This may also includes multiple online subscriptions to pornographic Web portals or “sex chats”.
  • A need (dependence) on sexually explicit material in order to become sexually aroused and/or to reach orgasm.
  • Abandoning personal relationships, including those with friends and partners and instead opting for anonymous sexual encounters.
  • Trading drugs for sex.
  • Prostituting for purposes of excitement and not for money.
  • Exhibitionist activities, including exposing oneself in a car, theater or in places that others are intended to witness.
  • Looking for sex in public places, including public bathrooms.
  • Manipulating others to have sex through the use of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Exposure to sexually transmitted diseases due to ongoing, unsafe anonymous sex.
  • Obsessing over sex to the point where it interferes with your ability to work, communicate with others, or in any way live normally.

Sexual addiction is indeed serious. It affects countless numbers of people around the world and destroys lives in the process. Sexual addiction is a family disease, meaning that it affects not only the addicted individual but also the entire family unit. It is also a disease that is progressive in nature, meaning that it does not get better on its own, nor does it go away over time.

It is important to state that just because you enjoy having sex does not mean that you are sexually addicted. In fact sex is a healthy activity. However, the problem comes into play when your need for sex becomes such that it turns into a dependency. If this has become a concern for you or someone you care about, consider reading more information on the topic. An excellent online source is Sex and Love Anonymous (SLA). There are also a variety of books on the subject, including Out of the Shadows by Patrick Carnes and of course, Confusing Love with Obsession. By reaching out for help, you are really reaching in.


Is there such a thing as the best love making positions? Well, yes there is, but it's definition is dependent on a variety of individual factors for each couple and the goal that you'd like to reach. It varies from couple to couple and also from one lovemaking session to another.

What is best for a couple with one particular body type may not be best for a couple with a completely different body type. If you'd like a position that encourages a lot of intimacy, it will not be the same as one that will take you for a ride on the wild side.

If you're feeling particularly romantic today, your choice will certainly differ from someone who is feeling like a wild animal tonight.

Someone who is flexible and athletic may engage in a variety of positions that others would find completely impossible or very uncomfortable.

So the keys to finding the best love making positions for you and your partner is education, experimentation and awareness.

There are hundreds and hundreds of possible love making positions to explore and we obviously can't talk about them all on this page so over the next couple of weeks, we will be exploring the most popular lovemaking positions available


This position also known as the man on top is the most common, the most relaxed, easy and - if you get it right - it can also be the most satisfying. The Missionary Position is still one of the best for the start and end of the evening. It is easy to perform and you are touching each other from head to toe. It is one of the most intimate sex positions on the planet.  There is no other position that even comes close to the intimacy of the Missionary Position. For The Woman: Tilt your hips up to take him deeper to get that delicious full feeling or tilt down to tingle your clitoris. Widen your legs to take him deeper or narrow them to help him hit your G-spot. For The Man: Kiss her lips and if possible you can nibble her breasts. Know that you are in control with this position.Thrust a little to tease, thrust full length for passion. You can also pace yourself by slowing from time to time. If you are able to do push ups, push slowly up and down and each time you move, it will hit her G-spot or A-spot. One note of caution though, Avoid banging too hard. 

Missionary Sex Position 1           




The doggy style sex position is the position that the man penetrates from behind. The woman leans forward onto her arms and he enters from behind. Both of you can spread your legs (or not) to arrange your hip heights to be at about the same height.  Trying to do this position on a soft bed may make this sex position more difficult than it looks. A few blankets on the floor may be a good alternative. To give this position more depth, You can reach around to play with her breasts or clitoris, but you can strain your back trying to reach too far. You can also pull her further onto you using her hips to give both of you that feeling of full penetration.

For the Man: If you are well endowed, don't push too hard as you may cause her some pain hitting on her cervix. For the Woman
:  You can bend down and place a pillow under you to support you as he moves back and forth. Try to move with him as he pushes as this will help you feel his balls against your clitoris. If his penetration is too deep for you causing you pain, Tell him to slow it down.



This position comes in  handy when you are making love on the kitchen table, in the bathroom or at the edge of your bed. This is a sex position that both of you will enjoy. She lies down on her back and moves her hips until they extend just off the bed or table. She drapes her feet over  the man's shoulders and he enters. If her hips are below his, he can lift her or use pillows to provide support. 

FOR THE MAN: There are so many good things to do from the Standing John position. If she is at the same height, your hands are free to roam. You can lean over to nibble her breasts.  For the man, This position provides full pleasure play offs. Apart from the penetration, the man also has the opportunity to play with her bottom, run his fingers over her breeats and tickle her clitoris while gently moving back and forth.  FOR THE WOMAN: Hook your hands over the edge of the mattress or table to push back against him. If he does not start on his own, ask him to kiss the insides of your calves! You might even get him to suck on your toes - just make sure they are clean!  You will also like the Standing John lovemaking position, because you can close your eyes and try to guess what he is going to do next or open them and watch him make love to you.


Standing T Doggy Sex Position    Standing T Lovemaking Position





When it comes to sex positions, I really can't say one is better than the other because the lovemaking position that is best for every couple depends on each indivudual circumstance. However there is only one lovemaking position that puts the woman in absolute control.  For the purpose of this write up, I will call it the "Clitoris-pleasing cowgirl". "The Girl Power".  That is the position where the woman is on top...  When you're on top, facing him, you control the angle and depth of penetration, and you're free to grind your hips whichever way works best for you at any given moment.   When you are on top of your man, you have absolute control of the movements, and the pace.


1. Lie him on his back, and let him enjoy the view of your gorgeous body and engage him in a romantic eye contact.

2. Bend your knees on the bed and gently lower yourself onto his by now very erect manhood.

3. Rock or slide your hips back and forth to drum up some amazing clitoral friction.

4. Tilt your pelvis forward to maximize contact between your clitoris and his abdomen.  This will give you immense pleasure

5. Ask him to stroke your breast or have him place his hands on your hips or butt — the more sensitive parts of your body that are being stimulated, the bigger the orgasm you're likely to have.

6. Lean back, resting your hands on his upper thighs, to bring the tip of his penis in contact with your G-spot.

7. Switch movements between the rotation of your hips and using your thighs to move up and down.

PLEASURE PAY OFF FOR THE WOMAN:  This position puts you in control of both the speed and the movements. Because you are in control of the penetration and the movements, you will easily reach an orgasm as you know what movement will tickle your clitoris and hit your G spot.

PLEASURE PAY OFF FOR THE MAN:  Apart from the amazing view of your whole body in his face .  Watching your breasts bounce up and down is a wonderful visual treat for him. He will be able to hold back for longer as you are the one doing most of the movements.


Why not try this position wearing your very sexy see through chiffon camisole or a see through negligee.


Last week, we talked about giving the woman a mind blowing orgasm,  This week, we will be talking to the women on how to give their men the blow jobs of a lifetime.  It is a no brainer that men are suckers for blow jobs. According to a recent survey i carried out, 99% of the men i interviewed confessed that a wonderful blow job is the most beloved sexual experience for men.   Which is why it is so unfortunate that many women don't have the first idea how to handle a man's favorite tool.  

Many women confessed that they grab, fumble and give up.  Many have also said never, why should i stick it in my mouth, My mouth is no place for it.   But here is a little secret.  Do you know that the reason the man rates a blow job so highly is because to him, your mouth feels like your vagina, but your vagina with a brain.   Read on for your below the belt guide to giving your man some smart lip service.  Have you ever seen a grown big man melt?  Try some of these guides and watch him melt in your arms.

1.   Lose Your Fear and Irritation

A little enthusiasm goes a looong way.  What sets a man off is knowing that  you truly want his manhood in your mouth. So before you even get near his fly,  let him know how thrilled you are to kiss his little man.  Don't give him the impression that you are just doing it to please him but you are doing it because you really want to do it.

2.  Gently Help Him To An Erection

Some men are quick to have an erection but for some men, you may need to help them to get their little man standing.  If you happen to find yourself with this type of man, gently help him to an erection.  Every man gets aroused by a woman's stroke on their little man.  Gently stroke the penis, kissing it at intervals until it gets to the point that you are ready to have in him your mouth.  Kiss and lick around his inner thighs, his testicles and then slowly up his penis.  Once there, tickle the area with your tongue until he is in high gear.

3. Cover Your Teeth With Your lips.

Cover your teeth with your lips because you don't want to treat his delicate tool like an ear of corn. Place your mouth over it gently stroking it with your tongue. Do not suck too hard as this may cause the man some pain that he most definitely wont enjoy.  Keep the shaft of his joystick with one hand to keep him steady and try to slide your wet mouth over it until your lips meet your hand. Don't suck or blow.. What you want to do at this stage is a slow up and down movement  that rubs against the sensitive skin of his manhood.  Note that his Penis is not a microphone so don't  speak into it and ask him how he's doing.  If he is enjoying it, you will know from his moans.

4. Get Your Tongue in On The Action

Get  your tongue in on the action.  Flick it back and forth over the glands and swirl it around the sides.   Keep the tongue action in rhythm. Move it slowly so that every movement creates extreme pleasure for him. Though your mouth may feel like it's about to burst from these movements, keep steady and keep sucking. Make his Mr Happy  happier by stroking the remaining part of his joystick that is not in your mouth  and his balls with your hand.  Using your hands and mouth on him at the same time will make him feel like he is king.   If you notice that he is about to cum, slow him down so that you can also make him pleasure you as well before it is all over.

If you are able to follow just these basic tips not only will this man worship you, you will see how a grown man can melt at the feet of a woman.




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