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Issue 001 2009
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Contact Nelda:  nelda@mamasinomagazine.com



Dear valued readers, your never knew the impact your support and contribution have made in my life. Knowing that someone out there values and prays for me is more than enough life-line to hold on to-Do keep the mails coming.



Hi readers, hope I never kept you waiting for so long. Well Iím here once again to end the suspense. You must have been wondering what happened barely five months into the accident, werenít you? Simply put, that was the most painful experience of my life but I still thank and honour God for allowing me pass through that, which offered me a rare opportunity of being a better and stronger person.


Barely five months after the accident and with no work to hold on to,(I resigned from my former job) the much cherished relationship lost its salt. I wish I could invent the best words with which to convey the exact feelings I passed through. Have you been in a relationship that seemed perfect yet suddenly, your partner starts seing you like a total stranger? That kind of relationship that seems youíre the only one making it to work? That type that makes you tolerate every damn nonsense? Thatís the kind of relationship I suddenly found myself into. Have you ever called your man and he asks you, whoís this? I think you now get the picture. It could be easier to bear if youíd seen the signs coming but worse when you all seemed perfect, you suddenly loose one of your hands and almost immediately youíre out of job. Just picture the scenario and what your state of mind will be. What if when the man in question remembers you once in a while and reminds you how useless and burdensome you can get without your two hands functional? How it bothers him that you canít do the things you used to? Who ever told him that his two hands are better than my 1 & half hands (his words)? And how difficult it will be for me to secure an employment with a company? Dear readers, people dey o. Pardon my choice of words, just a way of expressing my mind. Do you know the sweetest part? I was deeply challenged! Those words truly spurred me into action. First, I had to prove to myself and the world that what was lost in the accident was only a small portion of my flesh and not my intellect. I needed to exhibit that I am still in a mental state. I started the job hunt and today, I am well placed and appreciated in my company. It wasnít an easy task but I had to accept the challenges and reposition myself to putting in double efforts to achieving even much more than what was expected of me. 


I have to challenge you today to see take up those challenges as means of proving your self worth. Things can only get better. Have a blessed week ahead.




Please do leave me a comment and let me know if this has inspired you in any way.

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