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Issue 001 2009
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Hi All and Welcome to my new column Fourty and Fabulous.  Life they say begins at fourty, so on this page we'll be sharing all the wonderful pros of being Fourty and over and how you manage this fabulous middle age. 

What Does Turning 40 Mean to You?
What Does Being 40 & Over 40 Mean To You?

For Moi, I turned the big 40 in May, for me it was a new start in more ways than one!!! Gone were the uncertainty of the twenties and the trials of the thirties, forty for me is knowing exactly what I want !!!! I know who I am and I have found my spot!!! I wouldn't trade being a woman of my age in the world I live in for anything else or any other time in the world.

I have a dazzling array of options; every option I seek is mine, if I choose to pursue it. I have embraced being a woman of 40. I still feel young but I have a new maturity from my life's journey which allow me to see life in a new light, I see a context of my own life, all I have experienced or created for myself all conjoin here to make me who I am.

I am so much more in my 40’s (that sounds so kool) than I was at 20 or 30, I know this is really my life, what I have, and I have learnt to appreciate everything I have. I have lived so many lives already and I am not done with living by any means (God willingly).

At 40 I get to speak my opinion without fear and the wisdom to back it up. I can laugh at myself (Ask my friend Lyze she’ll testify to that). I have strength of conviction, gone are the insecurities of my 30’s and I have confidence (truckloads losing all my excess weight before I hit 40 helped).
I feel safe enough in my own identity not to feel inclined to grin and bear situations, just because I don’t want to rock the boat!!!! I don’t suffer fools gladly, have weeded out "fringe friends" “toxic people”!!!!!

I focus more on cultivating relationships with people who really matter and to whom I matter (a classic example Eunice O Jones whom I have never met but still is able to crack me up in a second). I don't really care if what I said to my best friend's neighbor's cousin's best friend twice removed will mean that someone will never talk to me again. People’s opinions about me don’t matter any longer, as long as I do right by God am good!!!

I have also discovered sex and relationships are also different in your forties (well for me they are), I've erupted hotter, sexier, securer and better in my fourth decade. I've slipped into my skin like cat woman in leather!!!

Every day I get down on my knees and thank God for the person He has allowed me to become: I thank him for the gift of ME. I no longer question God's plan or wonder why things didn't turn out the way I wanted them to or the way I thought they should. Things have turned out exactly the way they were supposed to. And now, as a woman at 40, I am finally really OK with it all. For me, I might not have a million bucks, but as I celebrate "Round 2" of this dance that is my life, I show no fear for I've got it all!

Yes, it's my turn, for me the possibilities are endless. I still want to dance and sing when the sun is shining. I want to jump into the sea and ride with the waves. For me turning forty is a magical time and it says “dare to live life." Never dare me to do anything, because I will. And live I shall, grandly too!!!!!! For thirty is but a ghost and fifty is a future friend, forty is my flower which blooms today.

Please, please share your views and invite your friends to read this column.  Gracias!!!!!

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