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What really goes on in a manís mind?  Iím sure many women ask themselves that question. Really, only if we knew, wonít life be so much easier.  

What is a man really thinking? Why does he think the way he does? Why is it so difficult to crack his mind?  All these questions are really hard to answer. But letís be pessimistic here, maybe nature made man the way he is so that there would be a balance between the thinking of men and women. What is the fun when your husband or boyfriend thinks the way you do and feels the way you do? It would be like looking into a mirror, knowing exactly what to expect next. I believe that is why men have been created to be evasive and complicated.

Now letís try and see what really goes on in a man's mind. Do you know that a man is actually less complicated than the front he puts up? What do men want? Very simple and straightforward but the problem is that women find it hard to source this out of their men. A man needs pampering; a man needs a sense of security (like most women) and the feel that they can trust their woman completely.

Men love taking care of women, to the extent of pampering their manliness. On the same level they look up to women who are confident and emotionally strong (when I say strong, I don't mean overpowering or over bearing). I mean strong to deal with any stress that may come from the man, strong enough to hold the home front together even at times when the man is acting up.

Men like when their women run to them with problems and show that the ultimate solution to this problem can only come from the man.  Donít get me wrong here, the man may not even have the solution to the problems as nine times out of ten the woman already has the solution but men adores a woman that will just pamper the ego of their man and make it look like there is not much she can do without him.  

Most relationships don't see the light of day for this reason because these days the so called women liberation has made many women feel that they are on the same level as their men.

As much as men love to take care of women, they also love to be taken care of. Remember how much his mother showers him with attention and affection? Men like attention. Sometimes this attention seeking may border on control but all the man wants is just his womanís undiluted attention at all times. However much he denies it, the man loves an independent woman, a woman that will not have to wait on him before she can solve minor issues around the house.  Do you know that some women actually wait on their men to buy things as little as toilet tissue or even bread for the kids.

The instinct level in a man is not as high as in a woman, so he can never guess what a woman wants. It would help if you tell him what's going on in your mind, rather than, "I will leave him to figure it out himself." That day might never come and you might end up feeling miserable. But however poor his intuition might be, a man definitely knows when he is being controlled or manipulated. When women resort to controlling and manipulative games, men usually start blocking their feelings or hiding them. This very often leads to emotional breakdowns or violent explosions. Most men can be amazing individuals if treated with respect and adoration.

Men always need their space. Respect that and give him his space. Give him enough room to breathe and do the 'guy things. Men love their boys' night outs with their mates. Let him indulge. You can gently check him if you think he is going out of control but never nag him. When in a secure relationship, at the end of the day he will always long for your snuggle and comfort and will want to return home to you.

What many women fail to realise is that they can actually control and manipulate their man without making it obvious.  Treat your man like a king and watch him eat right out of your hands and dance to your loudest tune.  A man never wants to go back home to a nagging woman and that is why many men stray and have extra marital affairs.  If all you have to offer him when he gets back home from a hard dayís work is abuse, shouting and nagging he would rather stay out till when he is extremely tired and just go straight into bed.

In conclusion, always know that a man will always be a man. May be so annoying that you donít want him around and can shower you with so much love that you never want to let him go.

Menís Shoes 101 Ė What type of Shoes to Wear with your Suit

We are sure that many of you guys know that Itís important that your shoes and belt go together; but, is that all you need to know about shoes? As you mightíve guessed, there are a few more things that need to be considered. In this post, weíll talk about different types of menís shoes and what to wear when you are wearing a suit.

Some General Tips To Consider when choosing your Shoes:


Depending on the color of your suit, you will want to wear different color shoes. Specifically, if you are wearing a black, navy, or gray suit, black shoes are the way to go. Brown shoes go well with tan suits and some shades of navy. In general, black shoes do go with more suit colors and appear more formal than their brown counterparts.


For more formal occasions, go for lace-up shoes rather than slip ons. Closed laced shoes are also preferred over open laced shoes.If youíre wondering what the difference is, closed laces are what you call shoes that have a V shape where they get tied together. Open lace shoes have more of a parallel shape where they are tied together.

Remember that when you are wearing dressy shoes, the laces should be tied horizontally as opposed to the criss-cross pattern most commonly associated with athletic shoes.


Try to choose smooth and shiny leather shoes over Suede and nubuck. The latter type is considered to be less formal.


Leather soled shoes are always preferred over rubber soled shoes. Remember, you can always repair the soles of your shoes if they need it.


Try to wear thin socks that match the color of your trousers. If you are wearing a tan suit, your socks should match the color of your shoes.

So what type of shoes are there?

The Oxford Dress Shoe:
The gold standard of dress shoes, the Oxford features round toes, usually with a cap, and closed lacing. Plain cap-toe Oxfords are the most formal option for business wear, and can do double-duty as formal shoes.  Oxfords with broguing along the capís edge, or trimming the uppers, are still formal enough for a worsted wool suit; Ďfull broguesí are more appropriate with tweed or flannel. If you own one pair of dress shoes, they should be black Oxfords; Allen-Edmonds Park Avenueís, made in the United States, are an irreproachable selection and well worth their price.
The Wingtip Dress Shoe
The wing-tip, with a brogued cap coming to a point at the center of the top curving back and down along the sides, is suit-level in black and business casual in brown. In the United States, it is associated by many with Ronald Reagan and the eighties in general, and in any country it is going to draw some attention to itself. This is not necessarily a bad thing, of course, but it does reduce the shoeís potential for frequent wear: while you might wear the same pair of brown Oxfordís three days a week without anyone noticing, the man who wears wing-tips more than weekly risks having them integrated into his reputation.
The Derby and Blucher
The derby is similar in shape to the Oxford, but bears open lacing. It is still appropriate for wear with a suit, and supports a khakis-and-blazer look more naturally than the Oxford. The blucher is a slightly sleeker open-laced shoe of similar versatility. Plain or with a brogued cap, these dress shoes will match a suit in formality; with more decoration they carry a blazer well. In suede, rather than smooth leather, these are among the best shoes to wear with jeans or khakis.
Dress boots bring some ruggedness to dress footwear, making them a worthy option in the winter. In addition, their slip on and off feature along with superior comfort make them a favorite among travelers and those not requiring the formality of the oxford. In the same family, but of a more regional nature, is the cowboy boot. Although men like former Texas congressional representative Charlie Wilson could pull this off, most men might want to skip on this unless they are an oil magnate.
Loafer and Monkstrap
Slip-on shoes are casual by nature. Those appropriate for business casual wear include bit loafers, with a mettle link across the middle; monkstraps, with a buckle closure; and penny loafers, with a slotted leather band across the top. Tassel loafers, which are exactly what they sound like, are accepted as business formal in some circles while relegated to weekend wear in others.
White Bucks
White bucks are Oxfords made of white buckskin, a rough leather than in reality is not exactly white. They are the traditional companion to the seersucker suit, and equally complement such summer fabrics as tan gabardine and white linen. Thus, they could be called professional between Memorial Day and Labor Day, or during whatever one considers summer.
Black Tie Dress Shoes
Patent leather Oxfords are the most formal of menís shoes; they are standard with a tuxedo, and clash with most everything else. Opera pumps, shiny black slippers with a bow on top, are another option for formal wear.

The Oxford Dress Shoe

Oxford shoes are probably the most popular type of dress shoes. Any man should have at least one pair of black Oxfords. Round toes, a cap, and closed lacing are the characterizing elements of this type of shoe.

The Wingtip Dress Shoe

Wingtips are generally known for the W that is formed at the tip of the shoe. This type of shoe also comes with a brogued cap.

The Derby and Blucher

The Derby and the Oxford are similar. The main difference is that the Oxford is closed-laced whereas the Derby is open-laced. This type of shoe goes really well with a blazer.


If you live in a cold climate or see snow often, youíll want to invest in a pair of dress boots. Boots generally do give you a more rugged look.

Loafer and Monkstrap

Loafers and slip ons are more casual dress shoes. They are generally acceptable attire for business; however, they are not the best choice for a formal event.

Article Courtesy: Suitupp

Libido-boosting foods For Men

Add these foods to your diet to give yourself a lift

  • Brown rice

  • Brown rice is packed full of B vitamins which are vital for the production of energy Ė without which there is no libido worth talking about. It is also a good source of magnesium essential for muscle contraction, which is also vital for sexual sensitivity, arousal, ejaculation and orgasm. Have in place of ordinary rice.
  • Honey

  • In ancient Persia, couples drank honey mead every day for a month after they married to get them in the mood for love (known as the honey month or honeymoon). Honey is rich in B vitamins, needed for testosterone production and its fructose content aids stamina and provides a slow and steady release of energy, so rolling over and falling asleep will not be an option.
  • Brazil nuts

  • A study conducted at the University of Padua in Italy showed that a diet low in selenium could be a key cause of male infertility. Selenium acts to help prevent oxidation (damage) of the sperm cell, thus helps to increase the chance of having healthy sperm. Three Brazil nuts will supply you with your RDA.
  • Watermelon

  • Scientists in Texas have shown that eating watermelon may have similar effects as the little blue wonder-pill. This is down to its citrulline and arginine content, which can trigger the production of nitric oxide, a compound that helps relax the body's blood vessels, which is how Viagra works. Plus you donít need a prescription for a watermelon.
  • Vanilla ice cream

  • Vanilla is a substance that is used in everything from food and body care to candles and air fresheners and for good reason. According to the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago vanilla is one of the fragrances found to be very effective in increasing penile blood flow. So a tub of Hagen Daazís finest wonít be just for her benefit.
  • Truffles

  • Truffles aphrodisiac qualities are due to their musky scent. They contain a substance called alpha-androstetenol that mimics pheromones (which is what attracts truffle hunting boars). In humans pheromones are intricately related to physical attraction and arousal, which explains why the truffle has such an erotic reputation. Serve a small amount grated over some scrambled eggs as breakfast in bed and get ready not to get up until lunchtime.
  • Tuna

  • Tuna is rich in vitamin B3 and itís the blood dilating effect of this vitamin that can boost your sex life, especially those who have erectile dysfunctions. Other effects of B3 include an increased sense of touch, enhanced orgasm and improved erection. So make sure itís on the menu for that all-important third date.
  • Tomato

  • Know as the Love Apple, the reputation of the tomato as an aid to love has long been based on its sensual colouring and mouth feel rather than any effect it has physically. However its high beta-carotene content Ė which converts to vitamin A Ė makes it essential for maintaining sexual health. Vitamin A aids the normal functioning of reproductive organs, plays a vital role in the production of testosterone and is also important for the health of all mucous membranes.
  • Spinach

  • Thinking of starting a family? Then get some spinach down you. Eaten raw this is one of the few vegetables that contains co-enzyme Q10. A study in the journal of Fertility and Sterility demonstrated that coenzyme Q10 can help improve sperm movement, which is good news for those whose seed may need a bit of a pick me up.
  • Garlic

  • Perhaps known more as a turn off than a turn on, garlic is actually a very effective aphrodisiac. Garlic contains a potent ingredient called allicin that increases blood flow and libido. But don't forget to bring the breath mints or youíll be sent home early.

Source: menshealth.co.uk


Grooming Tips For Men

We live in a time when it pays to look younger, whether it?s in the workplace or in the dating world. One of the keys to success is good grooming, experts say.

An increasing number of men are making grooming a priority because they want to maintain a youthful appearance and a winning edge. Statistics show that men in the United States are spending more than $4 billion a year on grooming products, such as haircolor and facial scrubs, driven by their desire to look and feel their best. The growth in grooming products is being fueled in part by baby boomers entering middle age.

Top Grooming Tips for Men

Get Rid the Gray Hair

The fastest way to take years off of your look is to get rid of gray hair. It?s less noticeable and more natural to begin coloring your hair when you first begin to go gray. An easy-to-use product formulated specifically for men, such as Just For Men Haircolor, can be used at home to cover gray hair with natural looking results.

If your beard and mustache turns gray first, the makers of Just For Men Haircolor have a brush-in gel in a no-drip formula that?s perfect for covering facial hair.

Go Short if You?re Balding
Balding is another common problem among men. Opting for a comb-over just dates your look. Get comfortable with your changing look and opt for a modern short haircut.

When men begin to lose the hair on their heads, they may begin to notice unwanted hair in other places, like their nose, ears or back. Be sure to trim or wax unwanted hair for a clean, contemporary look.

Protect and Pamper Your Skin
The best way to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer is to protect your skin from sun damage by using a daily moisturizer with sunscreen.

A good daily skin care routine includes cleansing, followed by a gentle facial exfoliant scrub, which also enhances shaving ease and comfort. Follow with a moisturizer containing sunscreen for day and at night a moisturizer with AHAs to encourage skin regeneration.

Pay Attention to Hands and Feet
Don?t forget to include your hands and feet in your grooming routine. Well-manicured nails and toes contribute to good hygiene and grooming habits. Make time to clip and file your nails at home.

Foot odor is a common problem among many men, and is relatively easy to treat. Scrub your feet daily and dry them completely. Insert a pair of Odor-Eaters Insoles into your shoes, which will absorb wetness and odor.

Quick Grooming Tips

  • If you don't iron your clothes, remove them immediately from the dryer so wrinkles don't set.
  • In hot weather, wear light-colored, cotton clothing and socks. This will absorb less heat and "sweat stains" will be less visible.
  • Consider trimming your arm pit hairs in warm weather. Less hairs, less bacteria, less smell. Think about it.
  • Don't be reluctant to trim or tweeze any stray eyebrow hairs.
  • Good dental hygiene means a dazzling smile.
  • Open your eyes. If hair is the frame for your face, the eyes are the windows. Use eye drops to whiten the whites of your eyes for a fresher, younger look.

Extend the Life of Your Razor Blades
All you need is a bottle of mineral oil and some rubbing alcohol.
After shaving, thoroughly clean and dry your razor blades and then completely immerse the razor head in a shallow dish filled with mineral oil. Use the rubbing alcohol to wash away the oil next time you need to use the razor.

By immersing the blades in oil, you stop the oxidization process that dulls their sharp edges. A daily mineral oil soak can double or even triple the life of your cartridges.

By Beverly Smith


Alternatives For Shaving Cream

As a man, sometimes you might run out of shaving cream.  So What do you do If you need to shave, but can't make it to the shop.
Well the good news is that you can use peanut butter temporarily until you get the chance to buy some more shaving cream!

How To Avoid Razor Cuts

One of the perils of shaving your face is getting burns or nicks from the razor.  First, always ensure that your blade is suitably sharp.

Only apply the pressure you need - do not over press. Use cold water rather than warm when removing the cream

Dry your face well and Use a moisturising lotion over the area where you shaved once finished - this will help soothe the skin

How To Deal With Balding Hair

If you are going bald, your hair can enter that awkward stage where it is neither one thing or the other - you have some hair, perhaps like a tonsure, but certainly not the full head of hair of old. One of the best ways to resolve the situation is simply to get a very short haircut. This will mitigate the problem and the ladies will think you are just keeping up with the styles of the day and may not be so follically challenged.

Certainly do not resort to the combover which screams out 'old man!' Ensure that you also remove unwanted hair elsewhere - for instance, nose, ears, back.

How To Shave off A Beard Nicely

If you have a beard that you are removing, rather than just daily stubble, then you will need to shave in a slightly different manner. First of all you should wet the beard hairs with warm water; this will make the hair stand up slightly and hence easier to remove. You should also ensure it is clean as dirt in the beard will impair shaving. Use a good quality shaving cream and shaver - for removing a beard consider using a double razor blade rather than a single, as this will be more effective at removing the beard.



Man Boobs


Growing breasts was never part of the plan. So, a blooming bosom can be a big concern for young men going through puberty. In some cases, often later in life, it can also be a sign that something is wrong.

"What's the cause?"

Hormonal changes during puberty can cause both nipples and the surrounding area to feel painful and tender to touch. The condition is known as Gynaecomastia. This is often due to fluctuations in the level of oestrogen - the female hormone that also plays a vital role in male development. It's a common concern among teen lads, and can occur at any time during adolescence (approximately 12-18). What's important to recognise is that in the vast majority of cases it's something that's totally normal, temporary, and no cause for concern.

"That's easy for you to say"

It's bound to make young men feel self-conscious, but don't confuse sensitivity with size. Of course, it's alarming, as it doesn't exactly tie in with your expectation of being a man, but in many ways your boobs are only going to be a big issue if you make them one. Even if they feel like bazookas to you, people genuinely won't notice unless you draw attention to them. And once you've accepted that it's just a stage in adolescence, you can strike your melons off your list of things to fret about.

"Should I get them out for the doctor?"

GPs in the UK report a steady stream of young men presenting these symptoms, so it's an opportunity to seek reassurance, and also get checked out. If you're worried in any way, make an appointment, and hold your head up high when you walk through the surgery door. After all, what's happening is simply a sign that you're maturing, and part of that package involves taking responsibility for your physical and mental welfare.

"So are there any instances when man boobs are a health concern?"

Obesity in men can cause breasts to appear big. Obesity is also associated with all manner of health risks. If you're overweight, talk to your doctor who can advise you on ways to shape up safely. Later in life, however, rapid breast enlargement in blokes can be an indication of underlying health problems, ranging from liver disease  to an overactive thyroid glands.  In every case, however, only your GP can make a diagnosis. So don't panic, just make an appointment.

"Will they disappear?"

If it isn't a temporary phase in puberty, then much depends on the nature of the underlying problem. If they don't deflate on their own accord, certain drugs may reduce the swelling, or surgery may be required to regain your manly shape.


Going bald



Whether you're thinning prematurely, or sporting a bonce like a boiled egg, here's what you need to know about going bald.

Baldness explained

  • Hair loss can affect some lads from 15 onwards.
  • The process affects everyone differently. Where some guys go completely bald at 25, others thin so slowly that it's barely noticeable. 
  • By the age of 60, the majority of men will have experienced some form of hair loss.
  • Technically, it's known as Male Pattern Baldness (or adrogenic alopecia), and is closely associated with the male hormone, testosterone.
  • Typically, hair recedes from the temples, or the crown, or simply thins out all over.
  • Patchy hair loss is known as alopecia areata, which can occur due to shock or stress, as can 100% baldness, known as alopecia totalis.
  • Baldness also tends to be genetic. Curiously, it boils down to your mother's genes. This doesn't mean you need to inspect family photos for bald-headed freak aunts, because you're unlikely to find any. It simply means if there are a lot of thinning or receding males in your mother's family tree then chances are you could soon join their ranks.

If your thatch is beginning to thin

You can't halt the fall out, but you can keep the loss down by using a soft hairbrush, and not pulling your locks into that ponytail you've been sporting for so long. Also avoid fiddling with your hair or colouring it. The more you leave it alone, in fact, the less of an issue it'll be.

If your hair is history 

The key is not to make a big deal about it. Whether you thin a little bit more over the decades to come or lose your thatch completely, going bald doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. Baldness isn't a disease, after all. In fact most blokes feel better when they stop trying to cover it up and just accept baldness as a fact of life.

Bald but blue?

If you're feeling uncomfortable about what's happening to your hair, talk to a parent or another family member who has been through your experience. If baldness is rocking your self-esteem then remind yourself of things about you that others like and admire, then build on it. Even if you begin with something like your sense of humour, you'll soon see why people rate you - with a rug on top or not.

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