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Issue 001 2009
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Hollywood may insist that the proper pairing is a sophisticated older man and a full of life younger woman, but many women will tell you differently.  Why is it okay for an older man to be seen in the company of a girl old enough to be their daughter but it is not okay for an older woman to be seen to be in love with a younger man.

You are at a party and you spot his gorgeous form across the room and your eyes lock. He winks and you return his wink with a sexy smile that says loudly --Im available. He comes over and introduces himself, and after about thirty minutes into the conversation you discover OMG! Hes younger than you are. You mind then begin to race, Hmm what do they call women who date younger men again? Cradle-snatchers, among other things. But hes so cute and the attraction is definitely there that you refuse to give it a miss. 

Many women nowadays are breaking the norms to find true love with younger men. Women have taken a no holds barred approach to dating and refuse to settle just for what they can get, theyre going after what they want -- an ageless package of pure man.

So whats the attraction? As one woman dating a younger guy that we spoke to confirmed "All the guys I meet that are my age or older are either engaged, married or divorced and It didn't take me very long to get really tired of either divorce stories or I like you very much but I have a wife at home stories. I met a great guy who's three years younger than me and we got along well, although there were obvious differences in our lifestyles, but there were no divorce or mrs stories. So hey, Why not?

FALLING in love doesn't always happen the way women expect. Sometimes Mr. Right arrives late and shows up several years younger. Dating and marriage are tough enough without the extra burden of a generation gap, but an increasing number of women and men are finding ways to make it work.

One woman who says she found the love of her life in a younger man is Dami. Dami said she met her dream man at a filling station.  She would not say it was love at first sight but it was obvious there was an attraction. William is five years younger than me but I have never been happier in a relationship.  Although there are times that you feel the pressure especially when he wants to be with his mates but as time goes on you learn to cope with it and deal with it.  We have been together four years now and we have a child.  I cannot really have asked for a better man.

According to Bola, another woman dating a younger man, I found my soul mate the day I met my partner. Dating a man 10 years younger was new for me and we had a lot of problems along the way mostly from family but I chose not to see with my eyes but with my heart.  Its really not about how many world years the man has lived; its really about how he makes you feel.

 Many women these days have already stopped looking at age. Susan says that when she met her boyfriend, she was quite skeptical because of the age difference so she decided it would be best if they stayed as friends and see how it goes.  However, she found out that younger men are actually more caring more fun, and more focused that the men her age or older. She has been with the guy now two years and not one day has she had cause to regret dating him. I am as happy as can be she said.

Matilda said that In 2005, she met and dated a man six years younger. We had a lot in common, he was a good listener and we found each other irresistible from the start. I didnt think friends would approve so I didnt tell them, while he told everybody who would listen. However, It is now three years that we have been married, Yes, we got married and its lasting! Although I had heard the warning that to date a younger man was a no-no, I opted to follow my heart rather than popular dating guidelines and here I am today. Happy as can be.

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