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Issue 001 2009
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Does this seem all too Familiar, Madonna and Jesus Luz and Gabrielle on "Desperate Housewives" What do these women have in common? I'm sure most of you know the answer.  Younger Men. These women are called "cougars" -- women who date men more than eight years their junior.  The Older women  dating younger men was once just a screen trend but these days, This trend has now come out of the screens and into real life bedrooms.  Madonna has recently been in the news for dating a boy young enough to be her son but that has not stopped her from flaunting him around.

However, It is believed that this trend is mainly with Women in their tale thirties, forties and even fifties who are financially stable and are just looking for a toyboy to have fun with. So what is this attraction between the Young man and the older woman.  Susan, an older woman dating a younger man says "really the attraction is that it make's me feel in control, It makes me feel very sexy and very young again".

Uchenna a forty two year old woman who is married to a man ten years younger than herself said that "I did not go after my young husband.  He came after me and he did not leave until i agreed to his advances. Most times, it is actually these young men that pressure older women into dating them because they want a mature relationship and not one with their peers"

Tunde, A self confessed "Toy Boy" says " I have always dated older women.  They are more fun to be with and they are able to provide you with the good comforts of life.  why would i want to be with a girl my age that all I will get from the relationship is moaning and more moaning.  Older women gives me the kicks and i am also too happy to give them what they require, Good, Hot Sex.

Elizabeth another older woman with a younger man said that she does not know what all the fuss is about when an older woman dates a younger man.  No one says anything or bats an eyelid when an older man dates or marries a younger girl.  How many Nigerian Men date and Marry girls half their age and no one says nothing.  I think people who think it's wrong need to start living in the Jet age.

Although, despite all the fanfare that surrounds dating a younger man, Tanisha accepted that such relationships also come with their own troubles and heartaches. Worrying where the boy has gone, worrying whether he is chasing a younger girl, Always worrying whether he will leave you for a younger person, the worrying can be endless.

So What is the attraction between the Older woman and the Younger Man, Can there really be any true love between them. Leave a comment below and Have your Say.


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