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As soon as I stepped into the very posh Mayfair Hotel in London where I met up with Makosi Musambasi, I could not help but notice the aura of elegance that surrounded her.  Makosi looking very radiant in a purple low neckline dress looked every inch the ďstarĒ that she is.  In this very relaxed chat over dinner, Makosi talks to me about life after Big Brother, Her foundation and her hopes for the future. 



WHISPAZ: Thank you Makosi for having us


MAKOSI: Itís my pleasure and compliments of the season to you..


WHISPAZ:  Iím sure you know what my first question will be because that is the first thing most people would like to know about Makosi.  Why did you decide to go into the Big Brother house and how has it changed your life.


MAKOSI:  I went into the big brother house just for the experience and to have some fun. Being part of Big Brother gave me the voice that I have now, it created brand MAKOSI but its not who I am if you understand what I mean...


WHISPAZ: Since you have left the Big Brother house, how do you think people perceive you?


MAKOSI:  Many times I walk into a room my chest is always in front of me so people quickly assume thatís all there is to me ... Iím grateful for my chest donít get me wrong I actually like it when people think Iím a bimbo and then when I open my mouth (which you know can be very loud to the point of no hidden agendas) they encounter a totally different Makosi.


WHISPAZ:  Talking about Makosi would not be complete if we donít talk about your style of dressing. How would you describe your sense of Style? 


MAKOSI:   My dress sense (which I got from my mother) is as loud as my voice.  I wouldnít call myself vain although it takes me two hours to get ready every morning...Iím a bit pedantic about the way I look and usually, if not all the time what I wear is a reflection of my moodÖ


WHISPAZ:  How would you describe your normal working day?


MAKOSI:   Iím an insomnic workaholic who knows that earning something through hard work brings the best feeling ever.  I am always working.  Especially now that I have to travel around Africa for my foundation helping Children in need.  


WHISPAZ:   What do you do in your spare time?  How do you relax?


MAKOSI:  I enjoy swimming... I actually swim like a fish and Iím an adrenaline junkie so u will find me abseiling, bungee jumping and White Water rafting.  I like to do all the things pretty girls donít normally do.


WHISPAZ:  What would be a typical highlight of your day?


MAKOSI:  Hmmmmm ÖÖ. I would say connecting with the people my foundation helps. You know some people can buy beds say for an orphanage which is all good and groovy but how do you know that bed is comfortable if you have not slept in it?


WHISPAZ:  What were you doing before Big Brother?


MAKOSI:  Before Big Brother, I was working in a hospital as a cardiac nurse and although I donít work in a hospital anymore I still feel that Iím a nurse at heart and that is why my foundation was set up to care for little children.


WHISPAZ:  As it is the start of a New Year and like many that start it with a New Resolution, what is your New Year Resolution for 2010?


MAKOSI: My New Year Resolution ÖÖ I donít have any. I never have any...although I do feel blessed to have made it through the last decade of this millennium and very grateful be embarking on the second decade.. When I look back at the last decade I see that I have grown into a mature young lady who knows what she wants and knows that working hard is the key to great achievements. Iím also grateful that I witnessed in my lifetime a black man (well half black man) in the white house...sadly we lost Michael Jackson..


WHISPAZ:  But there must be something that you look forward to seeing or achieving in 2010.


MAKOSI:   I look forward to 2010 with so much enthusiasm.  I really hope that the FIFA world cup trophy will stay in Africa and who knows I may even marry a Nigerian man and have Nigerian babies (gives a cheeky wink)


WHISPAZ:  I saw you in Nigeria in December last Year.  What is your connection with Nigeria?


MAKOSI:   My foundation does a lot of charity work in Nigeria.  Iíve been to Nigeria on a few occasions and they were all work related but Iím hoping that at some point this year I will be able to spend some of my Holiday there. I hear Calabar has a fantastic cattle ranch Ö I hope they have horses too because I love horse riding.  Iíve been riding since the age of six 


WHISPAZ:   What are you most grateful for?


MAKOSI:  I am grateful for the platform God has given me to change lives. My foundation is all about helping people and saving lives. I try in my own very little way to contribute to the eradication of poverty in Africa and to help An African child attain their full potential by providing a good education and standard of living.


WHISPAZ:  And ending on a cheeky note, what would you say is your most priced asset. Anything ÖÖ.


MAKOSI:  (Smiles) hmm my most priced asset... Letís see... I know this might sound a bit vain (Gives a cheeky smile) I absolutely cherish every part of my body ...the seen and the unseen... Hmm, My Body, My very priceless asset.  But on a more serious note, I am grateful to God for my sanity and spirituality.


Makosiís Interview by: Princess Dolapo

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