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Issue 001 2009
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Have you been to a wedding and when the bride emerges you see her flawless make up and the amazing work of art – the headgear, professionally “crafted” on her head and you wonder who could have come up with something so eye catching.  Nine times out of ten, Juliet Esiri is the name that comes up. Juliet Esiri is a Celebrity Make up Artiste extraordinaire and headgear specialist who knows what it takes to transform a girl who looks like your next door neighbor into a DIVA..

When you see Juliet Esiri at work doing what she knows how to do best and you see the enthusiasm she puts into what she is doing, you cannot help but notice that this is one woman that has a great passion for what she does… Making women look amazingly beautiful.  We recently met up with Juliet who is also the CEO of the Okin Arewa brand and she talks to us about her life as a make up artist. Juliet_Esiri_4

W: How did it all start

Juliet: I discovered my flare for tying the gele back in secondary school.  Back in the days, I would tie head gears for my friends and family and do their make up and from the compliments I received from people, I decided to turn my hobby into a money making venture so I decided to take a make up course in London to become a professional make up artiste after which I went over to Houston Texas to be trained in the art of tying the Gele by the King of Headgears Segun Gele.

W:  Where is your business based?

Juliet:  I am based in London, UK but really my services are available all over the world.


W: What is the idea behind the name Okin Arewa?

Juliet: Okin is a peacock in Yoruba and I love that bird, it's so beautiful, the way it walks, it carries itself with grace aJuliet_Esiri_3nd I just want to associate myself with something graceful as well. So I said ok I can name it Arewa which in Yoruba means someone who is beautiful and I do a beautiful job." Okin Arewa is associated more with her headgear, because of the uniqueness of her headgear, the way it sits on the head

W: What do you find most rewarding?

Juliet:  I would say the fulfilment that comes after a client says “Thank you” Thank you for making me beautiful.  That is just the highlight of any job I take on.  When a bride looks in the mirror and looks back at me and smiles. That is the satisfaction

W: Which is your area of speciality?

Juliet:  I dojuliet_Esiri_Cover_WEB mostly bride and special occasion make-up at the moment. I am planning to open a make-up and headgear school in London, because at the moment the demand is overwhelming, people have been calling in that they want to get trained in headgear and makeup. So I intend to have a school and have a brand, so that we will be able to give other people the opportunity to discover their own skills and earn a living from it.

W:  I have seen you at so many functions without a headtie. Is there a reason why you don’t use headties?

Juliet:  I am a very simple person. Although I appreciate headgears on people I really don’t tie them.  I like to be simple but really glam


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