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Issue 001 2009
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Many of us are in platonic relationships with someone from the opposite sex and in this kind of relationships, sex is something that should not even come up.  However, We are all aware of this very deadly thing called "Temptations".  So as a guy, what would you do if you get caught in a situation where after a night out and you could not return home, you find yourself in the bed of your female best friend.  The Question is, Would you or would you not try it on with her. 5 Men Come clean on what they would do if they found themselves in that situation.


SOLA A. (Essex)

I am a gentleman to the core and I have been in a situation where i ended up in the bed of a female friend and i did not try it on with her.  We went out to a club together and it was too late for her to drive back to her pad so she decided to stay over at mine.  Because i stay in a one bed flat, she had no other choice but to sleep in my bed and she did.  There is no denying the fact that i was tempted to touch her but i just thought why should  I ruin years of friendship because of five minutes of pleasure.

DAVID O. (London)

Quite honestly, as a man i can say that it's a primal urge of mine to want to sleep with every female i encounter unless i'm not genuinely attracted to the woman. So most Definitely, if I'm attracted to this woman why will i not try it on.  Don't you know that if a woman sleeps next to you and you don't even try to touch her she will just say you are a "Mumu" of a Man.  How can a woman sleep next to me and i will not try to get it on with her.  Impossible.  Even if she would say no, I would still try

PUFFY T. (Thamesmead)

Really i think it depends on the mood we are both in and the level of our friendship.   I will try and study her and see if she is softening up to me and then i will make a move.  The only reason i may not attemt to touch her is because of the fact that i don't like rejection.  I will feel very ashamed if i touch her and she stands off and pushes me away.  That may cause some problems in our friendship.

TUNDE K (London)

What kind of question is that?  If the opportunity presented itself, of course i will try.  a woman that agreed to sleep in my bed must be ready for anything that comes from it so i must definitely try.  And believe me, I know that 9 times out of  10, the woman will agree because maybe she too has been thinking about it.


Hmmm. I don't know really.  I have been in this kind of situation before but it was the other way round because it was the girl that made a move on me and i obviously did not say no.  i really don't know if i will make the first move because i will feel very bad and ashamed if she says no.

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