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Name: israel ekundayo
Country: UK  Date: 5 Feb 2009 01:48:49 GMT

Comment: It's a very nice and interesting online magazine.

Name: Titi Aboyade-Cole
Welcome Page:  http://www.podiumtv.co.uk  
Country: UK  Date: 5 Feb 2009 11:03:38 GMT

Comment: Well done my darling friend Congrats

Name: babylynn hair and beauty/fashions
Welcome Page:  http://www.babylynn.co.uk  
Country: LONDON UK  Date: 5 Feb 2009 14:46:04 GMT

Comment: this is very classy,i really enjyd d trill of d online magazine ,will be cumn back 4 mre .

Name: Tope Familusi
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  Date: 5 Feb 2009 20:21:54 GMT

Comment: I feel you gul....Nice 1... thumbs up..

Name: Bunmi Adekoya Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  Date: 5 Feb 2009 22:15:44 GMT

Comment: He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion. Congrats my dear friend

Name: Bunmi Adekoya Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  Date: 5 Feb 2009 22:17:26 GMT

Comment: He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion. Congrats my dear freind

Name: segun mosco Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  Date: 5 Feb 2009 23:52:20 GMT

Comment: great job keep it up

Name: Totems Email: 
Welcome Page:  www.totemsonline.com  
Country: US  Date: 6 Feb 2009 03:41:50 GMT

Comment: Very nice sis, the website looks great! More kudos to you. Shade

Name: Abymbola T Akande Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: LONDON  Date: 6 Feb 2009 06:50:20 GMT


Name: Kokoete Isangedighi Email: 
Country: NIGERIA  Date: 7 Feb 2009 21:02:01 GMT

Comment: Beautiful online magazine and more grease to your elbows. A great project!

Name: Bunmi west Email: 
Welcome Page:  http://www.bunmiwest.com  
Country: UK  Date: 8 Feb 2009 03:41:46 GMT

Comment: You are the best mamasino.no 1 be like u .

Name: Bimpe Ajisafe Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: NIGERIA  Date: 9 Feb 2009 17:41:57 GMT

Comment: This is a very good innovetion. I truly enjoyed it. More grease to your elbows but give us more of gist from around Nigeria

Name: Akintokunbo Adejumo Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  Date: 9 Feb 2009 22:09:09 GMT

Comment: A refreshingly new concept magazine. Well done.

Name: ayo alaka Email:
Welcome Page:   
Country: NAIJA  Date: 10 Feb 2009 13:24:57 GMT

Comment: nice one u got here, it makes us know more about our celebs. keep it up

Name: Mekino Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  Date: 10 Feb 2009 14:26:33 GMT

Comment: this is a flawless concept, the idea is mindblowing.... this is gonna be a sure success...... proudly Nigerian

Name: NELDA CHIOMA Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: NIGERIA  Date: 10 Feb 2009 15:21:55 GMT

Comment: Need i say i'm impressed? I never expected less from you. Always take the lead and be the best. It's a very innovative one but i must comment on the editorial desk. Let it be flavoured. The choice of editor's words should be of standard. With that in place, U'RE PERFECT. Lots of love

Name: Princess Wendy Olayiwola Email: 
Welcome Page:  http://www.nncauk.org  
Country: UK  Date: 10 Feb 2009 16:35:43 GMT

Comment: hey girl, well done and more grease to ur elbow. keep the fire burning...... God is on ur side.....

Name: Yinka Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 10 Feb 2009 16:42:49 GMT

Comment: You have done a very good job here. Keep the flag flying. You are truly an inspiration

Name: Akinjimi Akinola Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:     Date: 10 Feb 2009 20:30:07 GMT

Comment: Well done Dolly pino.This is 9ice.Keep it up.

Name: Miss Helen Oyekan Email: 
Welcome Page:  http://www.jointalkfusion.com/1215196  
Country: UK  Date: 10 Feb 2009 20:31:06 GMT

Comment: Love Your website. Proud of U All. Glad 2Visit will visit again! & Again!! & Again pretty soon.

Name: Gladys Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: CANADA  Date: 10 Feb 2009 22:32:03 GMT

Comment: This very classic and very thoughtful. Stella is as beautiful as always. Keep flying high and let the heavens be your limit. May God protect and guide you and your girls through. Very nice - I love it, I love it, I love it.

Name: tolulupe akinleye fashuyi Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: AMERICA  Date: 10 Feb 2009 23:40:30 GMT

Comment: This is a good work and i like your concept a lot.keep up the good work,and pls manage this very well so it will last for a long time.keep it up,sis

Name: Lola Macaulay Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 11 Feb 2009 01:23:53 GMT

Comment: Great Job! Wishing you continuous Success.

Name: Damola Odebunmi Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: NIGERIA  Date: 11 Feb 2009 05:56:03 GMT

Comment: this a lovely innovation.i know stella is actually the best and am not suprised she is involved in this.More power to your elbows.keep keeping us updated.see ya,catch ya later.a ma see saw later

Name: Rhonda Stoddard Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: TRINIDAD WEST INDIES  Date: 11 Feb 2009 11:56:47 GMT

Comment: Nice work. Keep it up.

Name: lisa nwagbara Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: GHANA  Date: 11 Feb 2009 12:51:01 GMT

Comment: nice job,but needs improvement and plenty touch ups...God guide u in all ur endevours.

Name: Jhokeh Hokuwah Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: 9JA  Date: 11 Feb 2009 14:30:51 GMT

Comment: D mag. is very Entertaining,Classy and Interesting. My babe I really appreciate d concept......BRAVO. The sky is d begining 4 u!!!!!!!! Trust my word and GOD.

Name: Tunde Olawoyin Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: SCOTLAND  Date: 14 Feb 2009 10:49:13 GMT

Comment: Although it is a well designed online magazine! but i was unable to play the musical videos on it, Having said that one cannot do without realising the fact that you have done a big job in promoting Nigeria and Africa as a whole... so i will like to describe this magazine as educative, informative,entertaining, exciting,beautiful and fashionable.

Name: Mary Okoye Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: NIGERIA  Date: 14 Feb 2009 19:19:30 GMT

Comment: This is a masterpiece. Was referred to the website by a friend on facebook. Wow! this is really amazing. Where and how did you get this idea from? I must say you've got great ladies on your team. Where in the world is this Nelda? Would love to meet her. She's damn courageous, i'm truly challenged to contribute. Can i reach her on the phone? Please reply.

Name: JESSICA Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: NIGERIA  Date: 19 Feb 2009 11:27:24 GMT

Comment: Truly amazing and inspiring. Keep promoting Africa,we love it.More of inspiring words and messages,Africans need it @ this period of global economic meltdown before frustration kills us all (GODFORBID)

Name: mohammed adijat Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: NIGERIA  Date: 19 Feb 2009 14:55:37 GMT

Comment: this is a wonderfull concept pls do keep it up

Name: Oluyomi Oyenuga Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  Date: 21 Feb 2009 22:08:55 GMT

Comment: A very interesting and UNIQUE one.

Name: Adesola Tunde Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: USA  Date: 23 Feb 2009 13:53:08 GMT

Comment: This is yet another brilliant work by Naija people.Keep it up.

Name: Biodun Adeloye Esho Email: 
Welcome Page:  http://www.inspiration-creations.co.uk  
Country: UK  Date: 24 Feb 2009 20:10:10 GMT

Comment: I am more than impressed and trust ur ideas. Well done & more grease.

Name: IY Email: 
Welcome Page:  http://www.iyaeto.blogspot.com  
Country:   Date: 1 Mar 2009 22:51:27 GMT

Comment: Informative and interesting read. It's actually a good entertainment one stop shop. keep it up!

Name: Obi Akpan Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: LONDON  Date: 7 Mar 2009 23:48:59 GMT

Comment: Good work keep it up

Welcome Page:   
Country: US  Date: 12 Mar 2009 10:23:08 GMT


Name: Bandele Sodade Email: 
Welcome Page:  http://www.africandateline.com  
Country: UK  Date: 27 Mar 2009 12:41:06 GMT

Comment: The way she handled her illness is a lesson to each and everyone of us. We need not fear death but embrace it when it finally comes. Rest in Peace Jade.

Name: haneesha Email: 
Welcome Page:  www.ezinfocenter.com/7385520/FREE  
Country: INDIA  Date: 31 Mar 2009 09:34:49 GMT

Comment: Excellent guest book. Commnets from www.ezinfocenter.com/7385520/FREE

Name: Fola Aiyeola
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  Date: 29 Apr 2009 10:29:55 GMT

Comment: Fantastic website and great concept. Keep up the good work.

Name: theodora Email: 
Welcome Page:  http://www.misselegant.co.uk  
Country:   Date: 3 May 2009 10:22:03 GMT

Comment: nice mag........... i hope u will cover miss elegant uk 2009 in july

Name: BUNMI west Email: 
Welcome Page:  http://WWw.bunmiwest.com  
Country: NIGERIA  IP Address:  Date: 25 Jun 2009 18:25:15 GMT


Name: Lape Igbaroola Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 2 Jul 2009 19:14:41 GMT

Comment: I'm quite impressed. Keep up the good work Dolapo.

Name: Tony Fernandez Email: 
Welcome Page:  http://www.africa-awakening.co.uk  
Country: UK  Date: 23 Jul 2009 08:13:55 GMT

Comment: Great Site. Wonderful Concept.

Name: dele janjala odukoya Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  Date: 17 Aug 2009 10:10:52 GMT

Comment: keep the good work moving and the flag flying. we love it.

Name: Olamide Ayodele Email: olamidek@aol.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  Date: 3 Oct 2009 19:38:07 GMT

Comment: Very nice one, never knew about it till i met you at the preview of Figurine the movie, keep up the good work and will come back often from now on. Kudos to all the team.

Name: bunmi west Email: bunmiwest@hotmail.com
Welcome Page:  http://bunmiwesr.com  
Country: UK  Date: 20 Oct 2009 15:37:20 GMT

Comment: very classy.

Name: nick Email: nbradshaw29@hotmail.com
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 15 Mar 2011 10:54:03 GMT

Comment: hi there! I'm a businessman, mail me soon! nbradshaw29@hotmail.com

Name: Sam Kayus Makanjuola Email: acnsktelbiz@aol.com
Welcome Page:  http://www.sktelbiz.acnshop.eu  
Country: UNITED KINGDOM  Date: 22 Oct 2011 20:28:56 GMT

Comment: You have made a Statement with this Website and having the discipline to write is the key to a successful writing career.

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