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The usual stories that we hear is someone going from grass to grace.  Remarkable stories of people that either worked extremely hard to climb the ladders of success or just people that luck came upon them and brought success their way.  So what happens When things are the other way round.  What happens when you have been at the very top and then with some ill fate, you suddenly find yourself at the lowest slums, you suddenly lose all and even fending for yourself becomes a very hard task.  Here, one of our readers share her story of grace to grass with us.  This is what she had to say.


In the early 90's, Cynthia (Not real Name) was a high flying business woman in Newyork.  She had it all. A Good life, Thriving businesses, A wonderful family and according to her, she could not have asked for anything better.  Cynthia then in her early thirties started her business empire with the money that her father left for her and her siblins after he passed away.  Cynthia was the pride of her family.  She worked extremely hard to climb the ladder of success and just like a dream, She was up there.  Mingling with the high and mighty.  Wining and Dining with people that mattered in her field of business.  But suddenly things took a sudden turn for the worse.  One wrong decision and Cynthia's business empire began to collapse.  Turn by Turn things started falling apart.  Cynthia said she lost everything that she had.  Sold cars, Jewelery and all the fancy clothes that she had to make ends meet.  Her two children were withdrawn from the stateside private school that they were attending and Cynthia and her family were ejected from the Penthouse apartment they were renting.  So What was this wrong decision??  Cynthis started using drugs to fuel her lavish lifestyle and before she knew what was happening, The need for the use of drugs had totally taken hold of her and she needed huge amounts of money for the supply of these drugs.

"It was like a horrible dream" she said.  How could all this be happening?  Why did things go so wrong? And to make matters worse, Cynthia's husband left her taking their two children with him back to Nigeria.  Cynthia now lives in a one bed shared apartment in the slums of  Newyork and is just getting by with whatever Jobs comes her way.  As she is just going off the effects of the use of drugs getting a high flying job (As she is a trained accountant) is not something that can be achieved.  "My life has been shattered and Destroyed and I am mad with myself for allowing all that money slip away just because i was too busy enjoying life to plan for my future"  When i remember how much i have wasted on drugs, fancy parties, first class flights to every destination, Hired yatchs and Pent house apartments, i cry endlessly.  I honestly wish i could turn back the hands of time, I would have prepared and saved for the rainy day.  And like the Yoruba proverb goes, "I ate with all ten fingers".  Cynthia said she decided to share her story with us to be able to help other people falling into the same kind of situations.

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