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 Compassion and Respect
Two Pillars Needed For Healthy Relationships 

Without respect or compassion, a conflict can turn abusive, and the pain in the relationship can be real physical or emotional trauma. In Las Vegas domestic violence attorney work can be a busy profession. A Las Vegas domestic abuse attorney deals with the dark side of human nature and the havoc it creates. Las Vegas is known for gambling. Any relationship is a gamble. No relationship is without its complications and challenges. Physical or emotional abuse is never acceptable in a relationship. Never. In a good relationship the conflicts are handled, sometimes well, sometimes poorly, but with the underlying thread of compassion and respect. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. Sometimes we say the wrong thing, or react badly. Two people never agree on everything. During these conflicts there is real pain, the pain of being separate from a loved one because of a difference in beliefs, goals, or needs. The pain of a conflict in relationship is in not getting needs met. That is vastly different then being abused. Intentionally inflicting any kind of pain, physical or emotional, on a partner is a violent act, and has no place in a healthy relationship. A domestic violence arrest is a serious offense. These charges can have a negative impact in your life.

Respect is an interesting concept. Respecting another person should be incredibly easy. Start with the fact that at conception, there are 40 million sperm fighting to get to the egg. Every single person beat 40 million to one odds at conception. That doesn't even take into account the challenges of getting through pregnancy or childhood and entering the age where intimate relationships with another human being can begin. The common response to meeting someone on the street should be awe and reverence. Yet respect for each other is something that has not been of much value in this world. It has gone so far that showing respect is often portrayed as a weakness in politics, the media and entertainment. No wonder so many relationships fail.

Respect is one of the pillars of a healthy relationship. Respecting a partner means that there is a space for differences, and a place to be heard. Respect means that even if there is a major disagreement, the other persons' opinion has value, even when you know they are wrong and you are righter then God. Without a need to defend, the ability to embrace arrives.

Compassion is another essential element to a healthy relationship. Compassion is the emotion that lets us feel what others feel. With compassion for another person, it is difficult to intentionally cause them pain or grief.

Compassion and respect, the two key pillars to a healthy relationship mean little or nothing if we fail to have compassion for our selves. Self-respect breeds true respect for others. Compassion for us is the nursery from which our compassion for others grows. A healthy relationship with another is best created with a healthy relationship for ourselves, using compassion and respect as the two primary pillars of relationship.

By Connor Sullivan

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