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Issue 001 2009
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BUSTLINE ............... Yetunde Oduwole


Hello Guys, What can i say, I am sooo thrilled to join the Masino team. I'm sure those of you that are familiar with my write ups in the City People Magazine will know that you are in for a very exciting time with me and i hope you all will enjoy reading my articles as much as i enjoy writing them.

So what do i have for you this week?  Why don't you relax and read on to find out. Enjoy!


We have all been through break ups at some point in our lives, I tell you, break-up is the worst stress one can have. Other stresses that could be compared to break up or exceed it, are loss of  a business or  a job, and the death of a loved one. Break-up causes stress in so many ways. Here was a person you shared everything with, you practically slept together, woke up together, rolled in the hay, shared every little time you ever had together. And, now,  here you are, suddenly single and very frustrated. All too soon, the way you lived with your partner and looked at life always together suddenly changes. Earlier both of you were on the same side....sharing, caring, trusting, comforting, loving....but after the break-up, both of you are on the opposite sides of the fence and suddenly, hatred, disaffection, bickering, back stabbing and all come in uninvited!
We always begin our relationship with a great bundle of love, romance, compassion and affection. We are happy together with no care in the world. We are inseparable, and we refuse to listen to any contrary views from outsiders or any form of distraction from whoever.
We love our partners and whatever they do. We love everything they say, whether they make sense or not, we are like a one way traffic, all we ever want to do is be in each other's arms, cuddling up and making love.... we just love working round them and sleeping with them. We love sharing our ideas with them, our hopes, dreams and aspirations, the way forward, our future, how many kids we would love to have, and what mansion we would love to own. At the peak of love, we feel that we are made for each other, we thank our stars for sending us so much love, we feel like the luckiest human alive. But the memories of everything that we shared come back to haunt us after the break-up. It is difficult for many of us to believe that we are no more together. Some just want to sleep and not wake up, some go on to have depression, some poison themselves, and some just begin to live secluded lives, abstaining from any neon light that may shine through. We may still think about sharing ideas, talking about problems with each other and then realize that we are no more with each other. That is a huge shock. We shake and shiver, we break down and cry uncontrollably. The world turns upside-down. We were always depending upon our partner for many things. That suddenly goes away. It is very difficult to bear this change. some get out and shake it off, some are not that strong, they wallow in it so much, they lose their minds so hard.
The other big change that brings in memories that haunts us is the period of going through the breakup. The spoken and unspoken words to each other come back in intensity. You begin to remember all the sweet words you have spoken, the loving text messages you have religiously kept on your phone....the e-mails...everything.
But when you recollect the  harsh and strong words your partner spoke while arguing and quarreling with you, you do not know how to believe that it really happened. Because you never expected such words from your partner. During the period of break up, you do undergo disbelief that your partner is finding fault with you in many things. But after break-up, the memory keeps coming back and creates a hell. You just wish to sleep and never wake up!
A break-up is one of the worst experiences one can undergo, it is a sickness on its own and sometimes even worst. One needs all the will power one could get to become normal again.
  • Do not try to contact your ex after the break up, that will only cause more pain for you. What if  he/she is with someone new? You don't need that stress, do you?
  • If he is yours, he will always come back, if he doesn't, he never was yours!
  • Do try to look good so a new person can find you and appreciate you, do not close  the love door, all you have to do is be careful and take it a bit slowly the second time, remember what they say about being once bitten.... 
  • Cry, it is actually good for you! You don't need any bottled up emotions to begin afresh. 
  • There are cases where  the ex suddenly surfaces after a new lover has taken over, do not dump your new love, that will be sooooo stupid!
  • Do enjoy your life, though life is full of craps....but one just has to live it!
Let's do it again next edition, Enjoy!

THE MAKING OF A GOOD MAN                            

Being a good man does not ever come with instructions or manuals, it is either a man is good or he is bad. There are no short cuts to being good, and that is why it is difficult to pretend to be a good man. It only takes a fraction of a second to discover that the man that poses to
be good isn't afterall.

To be a good man, you must have a good family background. Our foundation is a very important part of us all.  If a man is from a good family, he tends to be good himself, though in some cases, there are bad apples, but I put it to you that if a man comes from a family where his father punches his mother at every tightening of his fist, know for sure that that man is going to end up being a wife beater.


We all tend to follow the ways of our parents, and we gradually become living examples of their images, good or bad. If a man did not grow up with love around him, seeing his parents hold hands and share kisses, if he has never been loved by his parents, then he cannot give love. What you do not have, you definitely cannot give, simple.  Being good can also be a personal desire. You mould yourself to become whatever you want to become. If you do not have a loving background, and you want to be good all the same, you can make it happen. It is just that some men are plain wicked, they see being bad as macho and they see a good hearted man a weakling, if only they know they are the weaklings instead! If you know what is right and you are not doing it, then you must be a very foolish man.


A good man is a very sensitive man, especially as it concerns the people he shares his life with, his partner mostly. He does not hurt her even if there is a cause to. He will rather talk about their problems within themselves, face them and solve them instead of seeking advice from others. He is wise enough to know that he only exposes his privacy if he consults people about his love life. He is wise enough to kneel down and pray if there are problems too difficult for him to handle in his homefront rather than telling whoever cares to listen, drowning in self -pity and having people sympathise with him in his presence and jeer when his back is turned.

"I will face my marital problems alone...I will not tell others, not even my parents about my wife's shortcomings...Our quarrels will never last a day...I will never cease to love her...I will never raise my hands at her..." These should be the watchword of a damn good man. I laugh when I hear men complain that their wives refuse them of sex. If only they know what they do wrongly. You cannot want sleeping with a woman to be enjoyable for her if you are all sweaty and unwashed, if all you want to do is go in straight there without foreplay, if your kisses are too dry and your teeth keep knocking with hers, if you grab her roughly and you make her boobs go all red!!! The fact that a woman is yours does not mean you should treat her bad. You cannot be tender to your concubines and come home only to discharge your fluid as if she is a dumping ground of some sort.


Being tender is one of the sweetest characteristics of a good man. A man that
possesses the right approach to sex is a million dollar man. He knows when to ask it and he knows when to give it and when he gives it, the earth sure moves! If you are short tempered and filled with so much anger, if you are unforgiving and you take life too seriously, am afraid you can never be a good man and you can never be good in whatever you lay your hands on. Its the simple fact of life. If you are that man that eats from where you do not sow, that steals from your friends that sleeps with your friends' wives at the drop of your trousers, that backstabs, that runs people down...you can never be a good husband or father.

True.  Most men are guilty of the sin of not being good. This is clean-up time. Start putting your life in perspective and begin to make changes.  The world needs you. Your wife and your kids need you to survive. You are a man, you make things happen. If your wardrobe is filthy, how can you ever appear crisp and clean? Make a change today. Am watching you

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