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Issue 001 2009
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 Photo Credit: Brian Would  

BOUQUI_3We recently met up with BOUQUI  In London and she was more than delighted to answer these questions that our readers and her Fans wanted to know about her.. 

WHISPAZ:   Thanks BOUQUI for stopping to talk to us. We ran a survey in an earlier Issue of the magazine and asked our readers that if they had one minute with BOUQUI what question they would like to ask her. And as a result of the survey these are the questions we have selected from your die hard fans.

Adeola J (Nigeria):Why the name BOUQUI

BOUQUI:  Adeola my real name is Bukky...adapted from Bukola When I decided to go solo and break off from the girl group called ‘gibes’ that I started during my undergraduate years at OAU, I needed a name that I would like and at the same time won’t be too far from my real name so I coined the stage name BOUQUI just to make my real name sound “cool” and “funky”.

Omotola A (California):When and where did it all start and what album/song brought you into limelight?

BOUQUI: It all happened in phases... first there was the song “Do You Wanna Party” that I released in 1999 which brought me a lot of attention.   This was followed by “MOLEJO” In 2005. Molejo I would say put me in a clearer spot, and then Jesus made the Image sharper when I decided to give him MY ALL. So really it’s not about my music, it’s who I sing about.

Stephen O (Nigeria):  How would you label your kind of music and what makes your music different from that of other Afro hip Hop Artistes

BOUQUI:I SING FOR JESUS...that is the major difference.  I wish I could say that I owe It to consistency and handwork which I always practice but NO this Isn’t about what I do or do not do.  IT’S THE LORD THAT I SING ABOUT THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.


Omowunmi (London):I’m an Upcoming Artiste myself and would like to ask BOUQUI what challenges a lady artiste faces in breaking the African hip hop music scene as we all know that it is an Industry that is mainly dominated by men. 

BOUQUI:  The challenges you face as a female artist are basically the type that you will face as an individual embarking on any project…. Resilience, faith, determination and focus...once you have all these character strengths, you will be able to withstand any situation or circumstances... So whether male dominated or female, you become unstoppable.

Kehinde (Ireland):As a beautiful woman in the limelight, how do you cope with male fans wanting to be around you all the time?

BOUQUI:  Lol... I guess theres grace for preservation when you do the kind of music I do... I sing for GOD so I usually it is the very focussed and GOD fearing people that come my way so even when you turn them down they wont be a nuisance, and even occasionally when I meet the exceptions to the rule, there’s grace to set them straight. LoL You know what I mean... Besides I don’t go to the wrong places or wear the wrong things... I dress and act the way I want to be addressed, DECENTLY

Sola Oye (London):What is your Philosophy about life?

BOUQUI: LIVE, LOVE GOD AND GIVE.  Life is really simple if you follow the rules set before the foundations of the earth...My philosophy is LIVE ACCORDING TO THE DICTATAES OF THE BIBLE...

Ade D (New York):What should your fans expect from you in 2010?

BOUQUI: Wow!  Where do I begin? Loads of stuff.  There are two videos out now from the redefinition album and I am currently In the USA on tour and I will be on tour in the UK between April and May.  I have been In the USA for a couple of months now and I have had several concerts in several cities including New York, Indianapolis, and Chicago. So right now, I am one very busy Lady.

Marvelene (London):What are you currently working on?  Should we look forward to a big BOUQUI concert In London anytime soon?

BOUQUI:  Yes, I will be on a world tour very soon. But in the meantime, you can follow me on twitter and we might meet up...BOUQUI2bouquicool1

Segun (DublIn)How do you relax?  What do you enjoy doing when you are not performing?

BOUQUI:  I watch movies, read a novel. My bible... I also enjoy watching movies. I love bowling...and I absolutely enjoy meeting new people and making friends.

Mrs Are (New York)Do you do any other business Apart from Music and have you ever considered modelling?

BOUQUI:   lol..  Modelling what? Masks...nah I am a certified broadcaster and I worked as one for 8years but my travels don’t help so I have put that aside for now. I just launched my record label and a recording studio with my brother mix master Jay...a producer and singer.

Shina (London):I don’t have any question for BOUQUI. What Question can I ask BOUQUI?  BOUQUI Rocks.  Plain and simple. Can’t you see? She even spells her name with dots In between B.O.U.Q.U.I Meaning BOUQUI. Full Stop. What else is there to ask?  BOUQUI is queen.

WHISPAZ….. Wow what a comment, what do you have to say to that?

BOUQUI. Thanks Shina I appreciate you.  Do you know BOUQUI is an acronym yeah?

B.   Born

O.  Once more

U.  Unto a

Q.  Quickened

U.  Unparalleled

I.    Image

WHISPAZ:and on a final note, this one is from us. Are you planning a world tour soon, I’m sure your fans will want to know where and when they can catch up with you.

BOUQUI: Yes i will be on a world tour very soon. Please follow me on twitter to catch up with all things new with BOUQUI. I love you guys and keep the fire blazing, I celebrate you...GOD BLESS

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