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Issue 001 2009
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There is No Originality in Afro Hip Hop Music Ö. Bishop A


W: Where do you see Afro Hip hop in the next 10 years?

BISHOP A:  Afro Hip Hop will remain the same for the next 10years in Africa if this same attitude of lack of respect for creativity and originality continues. Until the business aspect of the industry is being explored like it should be, I'm sorry, we will continue to "sample" and "copy" the American artistes. I also want to say it to all that cares to listen, RAP is not our music and trust me or better still, dare me on this, NO Nigerian artiste will ever succeed in exporting Rap music to America. I dare anyone of the so called rappers to prove me wrong.

W: What challenges does the Urban African Artiste faces in the international market

BISHOP A:  Originality. Right now, we have less than 10% originality in Afro Hip Hop in Nigeria. I'm yet to know a single recording artiste in Nigeria that's ever signed a split sheet with a producer or co-collaborator on a record. The quality of production in Africa (from A-Z) is below par. For as long as Afro Hip Hop artiste from Africa, still go overseas, and still continue to perform for only Africans, then they are not doing nothing yet, they need to step up their games and create acceptance for their music overseas. Or when last did Sean Paul perform to Jamaican audience in Nigeria? or 50 Cent perform in Naija for American audience before? That means there is something they are doing, that were not doing.  bishopa_web

W: Is it easy for an African act to break the International music scenes

BISHOP A:  Yes very very easy but you have to come out with 100% originality. This is a game that has rules and regulations and if you donít go by it's rules and regulations, you'll be wasting your time. No sample beats, no reggaeton tracks and most importantly, you must be ready to spend MONEY. Entertainment is not cheap in America, it's either you wanna do it or you keep your day job (like we always say here).

W: The way forward to Bring African entertainment to where American Hip Hop/Rap is today

BISHOP A: "Kill" the present entertainment industry we have and start afresh, period.

BISHOP A IS THE CEO OF Bishop Entertainment Consult.  BEC is one of the fastest growing entertainment and events management companies in Atlanta Georgia USA, with strong affiliation to United Kingdom (UK) and the African communities in the US.


Bishop Adejube
Cell: +1.404.273.1265
Email: bishopentconsult@gmail.com
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