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It is a known fact that the Moden woman of style is not complete without the most important "woman" accessory The Shoes and the Bag. When people come near you to say hello most especially ladies the first thing they do as they shake your hand is to look at the shoes you are wearing and the bag that adorns your hand and most times they use that to size you up. Today, Shoes and Bags are considered as important as the clothes you wear if not more.

Titilayo Olufosoye the CEO of Straps and Strides is one woman who knows the importance of the shoe and bag in creating exquisite style and image for a woman.  in this very short interview, She takes us into her world of bags and talks to us about her passion for what she knows how to do best.

MM:  Hello Titi, How are you?

TT:   Very well thank you.                           titiweb

                Titi Olufosoye

MM:   We can see you are well. We have been trying to track you down for a while now but it seems you are a very busy lady

TT:   (Laughs) I have been quite busy the past month trying to take stock of my business and restocking for the new fall season. So i have been doing a lot of travelling between, America, Italy and Paris

MM:   We know you are into the Shoe and Bag business.  Can you tell us what inspired you to go into this business

TT:    I have always had a passion for exclusive designer shoes and bags so i just decided to turn my passion into a money making venture and to the glory of God, Straps 'n' Strides has been growing from strenght to strenght

MM:   Where do you Source your bags from and in this era that there are so many "good copies" out there how can you convince your clients that yours are authentic.

TT:   I source my bags directly from the designers and they all come with their certificate of authenticity and we also provide our clients with after sales services.  This means that we guarantee the bags for a period of time so that if for any reason the bag gets damaged within the guarantee period, we would either repair or replace.

MM:  Do you provide any other services apart from the selling of Shoes and Bags

TT:   I am also a personal shopper per excellence for the discerning client.  I have on my books Top Class Nigerian women who understand the importance of having a personal stylist take care of their wardrobe.

MM:   So how much do you charge for your personal shopping service

TT:  (Sighs and Laughs) I'd rather not say on this forum. 

MM:   On a last note,  What designer Labels do you have in your stock

TT:    I stock all major designer labels. Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, Luella, Prada, Fendi etc

MM:   Thank you Titi it has been nice chatting to you

TT:   Thank you.

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