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Issue 001 2009
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Wow! Only if we knew, life would have been that much more easier. What is a man really thinking? Why does he think the way he does? Why is it so difficult to crack this code? Well, lets be optimistic, maybe nature made man the way he is so as to strike a balance. A whole world with 'woman- thinking' or a whole world with 'man- thinking, ' would be boring wouldn't it? What is the fun when your husband or boyfriend thinks and feels the way you do? It would be like looking into a mirror, knowing exactly what to expect next.

Now lets see what goes on in a man's mind. Did you know that a man is less complicated than what he actually seems. What do men want? Very simple, they need a sense of security (like most women) and the feel that they can trust you completely. They love taking care of women, to the extent of pampering their manliness. On the same level they look up to women who are confident and emotionally strong (when I say strong, I don't mean overpowering or over bearing). When you run to your man with problems at the drop of a hat and be the lost puppy at every occasion, he might be all sympathetic and lend you a shoulder to cry, but, not for long. Its good to share your problems and work together at solving it, but learn where to draw the line.

Most relationships don't see the light of day for this reason. So the next time you can't locate the nearest ATM, don't call him, rather call your bank. Solve his ATM problem instead and see how proud you make him. As much as men love to take care of women, they love to be taken care of. Remember how much his mom baby's him? However much he denies, he loves when she is around and somewhere looks at similar qualities in his girlfriend and wife. That is why we say, 'mamma's boy.' Yes that's the trick. Again, he likes it when one can balance the pampering with excitement and competition, which is a complete 'man-thing.'

Intuition levels in a man is not as high as in a woman, so he can never guess what a woman wants. It would help if you tell him what's going on in your mind, rather than, "let him figure it out himself." That day might never dawn and you might end up feeling miserable. However poor his intuition might be, he definitely knows when he is being controlled or manipulated. When women resort to controlling and manipulative games, men usually start blocking their feelings or hiding them. This very often leads to emotional breakdowns or violent explosions. The way to be happy and keep your man happy in a relationship is to be honest and considerate. Most men can be amazing individuals if treated with respect.

Men always need their space. Respect that. Give him enough room to breathe and do the 'guy things.' They love their boys' night outs. Let him indulge. When in a secure relationship, at the end of the day he will always long for your snuggle and comfort and will want to return home to you.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, the argument still continues. This is perhaps the heart- beat of every relationship. Man and woman are like two straight lines, which intersect somewhere down the line. Can't do with, can't do without

By: Poonam Deviah

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